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Debbie Loafer Mint Glove

€ 228,00 € 79,80

  • •Premium Italian Glove Mint Leather 
  • •Foldable heel to allow a comfortable use as slipper
  • •Lined with breathable soft calf camel leather making socks optional
  • •Exclusive real gold plated Hyusto chain totally Made in Italy
  • •Leather covered padding insole provide extra cushioning for comfortable all-day wear
  • •Hyusto woven detail label stitched on insole
  • •Real Italian Leather sole with Hyusto embossed logo
  • •Hyusto branded black cotton dusty bag


Debbie Loafer Mint Glove

Refined elegance, sleek silhouette, the Debbie is here to outfit you on the days you are feeling flirtly. Whetther you’re wearing sweats, a dress or chinos, this style will immediately turn your day upside down.

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