Hyusto Quincy Silver Glove side view
Hyusto Quincy Silver Glove 3/4 view pair
Hyusto Quincy Silver Glove back view
Hyusto Quincy Silver Glove Gold Detail of the accessories
Hyusto Quincy Silver Glove bottom view sole

Quincy Slipper Silver Glove

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Quincy Slipper Silver Glove

The ultimate cozy slipper. The Quincy is the functional choice for your everyday. Your mom is outside with shopping bags yelling for help? Quick, slip them in and you are ready to help her. Late again for that board meeting? Voilà, slide the Quincy on and not only it will look like you spent hours putting your outfit together, your co-workers will also ask for style tips for their weekend date. Comfort at your feet at any time of the day.
Quincy Size Guide  


Follow these three steps to get the right size of Hyusto shoes. Here's a tip you might use: for a more accurate size choice measure your feet at the end of the day.

1| Lay your feet on а piece of paper. Be sure you touch a wall with your heel.
2| Draw the end of your longest toe with a marker (maybe a friend could help you). Measure the distance from the wall to the marking line. Do the same for the other foot.
3| Compare measurements with the chart above for getting the right size.