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Footwearheads from Marche

Footwearheads from Marche

We are designers in love with shoes, as we come from Marche, an Italian region that’s practiced the art of shoe-making for centuries.

In our region “Hyusto” means right.
After years of footwear collaborations for other brands we decided that this was the right moment to do the right thing for us: a genderless collection of premium-quality shoes that are designed, produced and crafted in our region.

Made to underscore the sharp matches of today’s style-defining connoisseurs, our uncompromisingly sophisticated loafers, boots and slippers are more sustainable, beautiful and comfortable than sneakers.


Mild Marche’s hills and sharp characters, that’s what gave hyusto its shape and its temper.
Come take a look, you won’t regret it.


The real gold chain inspired by the iconic Hermes bracelet and Riva’s boat design is our signature.
Getting Hyusto shoes, means owning something unique.

Insole Making

From the idea to its execution: insoles making is the first step of our journey.
Their extra cushioning comfort and the Hyusto logo gift you with functionality and charm.

Cut and Seam

Every cut, every seam, every single touch makes our shoes unique and different from the others.


When we say “Italians do it better” we really know what we’re talking about.
Handmade is the key of our success and we make it clear by using our bare hands.
Just like our parents used to.


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