HYUSTO was born from the need to create a substitute for an audience looking to be comfortable and casual without relying solely on sneakers.

We were tired of endlessly scrolling through hoards of gum soles without ever finding a product that would fulfil our need for support, style and long lasting quality while also providing a fluid silhouette wearable from day to night, Monday through Sunday.

Where we come from HYUSTO means “right”. And doing it right is our foundation. We care for good craft. We don’t craft crazy shapes, but we apply edgy materials to classic designs to supply a choice to those bold enough to take risks.

We are local in our supply chain yet we globally minded. We don’t care for labels. We are disruptive in our genre. We are genderless. We are contemporary in our mindset. Our collection fits the wardrobes of today’s most influential tastemakers, enabling them to always make a statement with their feet.

Bold, premium, transparent. HYUSTO is the answer to your prayers. We are the post-sneaker company.